Tiger Tiger…… Luftwaffe Tornado ECR JaboG 32

Luftwaffe ECR (Electronic Combat and Reconnaissance) variant in JaboG 32 markings – both standard and amazing Tigermeet 2001/2002 markings. This is the prettiest Tornado Scheme I have seen so far in Waddington in Lincolnshire UK. 4 aircraft was parked in the cross and as you can see from the photo….. the star being the Tiger-striped Read More …

European Unusuals!

got some of these Old photos scan in… but as U know…. the good old film days.. A Saab Viggen with full weaponary…. a Danish  F-16A painted in the good old Euro fashion and an All black RAF Hawk. ( pictures by CB Lee) when negatives usually got misplaced….. Anyway! this is some the Unusual!