Ellington Field

Went by Ellington Field Friday evening after work and saw three F-16Cs and one F-16D, block 42 aircraft on the ramp from the Tulsa Air Guard.  Each was carrying a sniper pod which was pretty cool to see.  In talking to some of the guys who work there I found out that they were flying one to two sorties per day in our local air space.  I guess to hone their skills?

As I was checking out the Vipers, three Growlers from VAQ-129 Vikings flew right down the runway in a nice tight formation before doing a carrier break to land.  By then it was approaching dusk so I did all I could to try and capture some shots as they rolled down the runway.  After they taxied in I rushed over to where they were parked to try and get a few shots in before it got too dark.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get some good profile shots because they were parked in front of some civil aircraft which pretty much nixed that idea.  But, I was able to work around a few of the civil birds and get some nose shots which included some of the crew.  All in all it was a good visit.  Thanks for stopping by Houston.

Ellington 7-26-2013


One thought on “Ellington Field

  1. Heh Bill nice set of Tulsa Vipers!especially love the light condition. VAQ 129 looks good with those folded wings….. not bad… on those panning shots