1-11 Spotting in KAFW and KNFW Part Deuce

Part Deuce of the report since Bryan had done a fantastic overview of this Awesome Saturday, weather was the best I ever spotted… 60-70 degree with great sunshine…. not much wind and a nice breeze coming from the North … and Yes! using Runway 35 or 34…. My favorite runway.

As we know…. the day started with a “little bird” telling me about V22 in KAFW and I was there rise and shine at 1000 hrs.. as I was pulling out….Steve and Phil already on site and I pull out my ladder and was out in the field shooting those V22 from VMM-346 Blue Knights  and T6.  in about 30 minutes we start to see the crew coming out and get to ask them about their flight schedule.  Apprently they are doing some training mission and will return at 1600hrs.  The start up was quite nice since we get to see the tilt rotor at work and 02 aircraft got some problems and had to fold the wings and get things sort out… The Mission was aborted ….. NO…..! after a quick bite I was heading back to JRB and got a call of the V22 moving again..  I was 5 min late and Steve and Phil got invited to be on ramp ….. oh well… better luck next time but at least I get to shoot them taking off.

v22 1-11-2014

I scooted over to JRB and join up with Bryan and got a slow start with Omni International 767 and some Army BE-12… The highlights came with the F-35C NJ-100 on delivery flight. Actually caught my very 1st F-35C Navy models.  I have been missing the Navy version and always catch the F-35A and B. It came in a very good way.  F-35C back taxi to runway 35 and a spectacular Afterburner take off.

jrb 1-11-2014

The Trainers….. wow an airshow we got after knowing like 15 trainers coming in from Columbus AFB, Lackland and Lauglin AFB…. so here we go…. T38C shooting options with T6 Texans ….. all happening in the golden hour of sunlight…. Here are some of the actions we got…. Enjoy>>>

Also I would like to add, it was great to hangout with fellow spotters namely, Bryan, Steve, Phil and Mike…. Great time…

trainers 1-11-2014


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