1-15 Spotting in NAS Ft Worth JRB


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Its a beautiful Friday and the weather was sunny and a north breeze of 5 knots . Runway 36 was active. By noon we were greeted with 6 Spads ( 457th FS) F-16and a single VMFA-112 F-18A++ launch.

C-130H and C130J from Ropers and Rangers also tearing up the field doing touch and goes

We got a visitor from TInker AFB ! always great to catch heavies doing touch and goes…. 552nd Air Control Wing flying the E-3B

Now the fun stuff…. we got 2 F-35 sortie on this afternoon. 1st came a Weapon School WA tail code F-35A and LMT F-16 chaser on her maiden flight. ” Little bird” tell me that the wing section of this aircraft was from the Italian plant.

The Cream of the show came when F-35B from Green Knights VMFA-121 came out of Lockheed Plant and did some hover test on her return flight.

Article and Pictures from Dave Chng

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