What a wonderful day of spotting. Was supposed to meet Dave at JRB but he heard of 2 V22s at Alliance and went over to catch them. Started off decent with the NJ 104 F35 taxing out. At the same time the Spads were coming back in from there morning run as a E6 was waiting to take off. F35 lined up and full throttle then cut if off, apparently he had  a problem and we didnt see him again. However his friend NJ 100 C model came out around 3:30 what we think is a delivery flight. He got up and out quickly. Steve and Mike had a tip on many T38s, some T6 and the 2 V22s coming back in over at Alliance so we headed over there and were not dissapointed. Been my first day in a while since ive been able to spot on a nice day. Felt good to get my jet fix. Lol  Enjoy the pics.


6 thoughts on “1/11 JRB AND ALLIANCE”

  1. wow Bryan.. those E6B shots are killer …. espeically the landing shots…. those Spads shots are good too… Nice work
    I can see the power of the SIgma 150-500mm! looks like it is tact sharp! much better than the 100-400 you were using…
    Looks like U made it back after our shoot in KAFW on the tarmac….. nice sunsets on those T38, V22 and T6.