2015 review from Houston!!

NAS FW (LOW-RES) 9-11-2015 (25)

2015 A Year In Review

As the hours to 2015 come to a close I looked back at some of my photos and picked a few that (for the most part) meant something to me this year. Some because this is the first time I’ve seen the aircraft type (like the F-35B & VFA-101 F-35C Grim Reapers)) fly, while others like the Phantoms bring some emotion.  2015 could possibly be the last time I see one fly.  Still, others like the AZ Viper, Iraqi Viper, the KC A-10C sporting new nose art, the VAQ-209 and VAQ-142 Growlers and VFC-13 F-5N in the tiger paint scheme I haven’t seen til this year.  All were on my list of units to see.  With that in mind 2015 was a pretty good year.  Like most, I hope 2016 is even better.

Happy spotting and Happy New Year!

bill 2015