2019 1st drill weekend

1-4-2019 marks 2019 1st drill week for our local 301st FW “Spads”. This beautiful Friday with a good northerly winds call for runway 36 in NAS Ft worth JRB ( Joint Reserve Base) We suppose to have 2 flights of F-35 test flight from Lockheed Martin but that did not happen.

Thanks to our local boys “Spads” they came out in full force at about 1400 hrs. They came in 2 ship followed by a 6 ship launch using callsign “Mustang” and “Beast”

Beast 2-1 Afterburner Launch.. 301st FW

All 8 of the jets came back right on the dot doing Tac Initial and several High and low key approaches on runway 36.

VMFA-112 Cowboys from US Marine Corps also part of our local squadron here at KNFW show up with 3x F/A-18 including her Commander bird with the colors. Unfortunately, a single T-38C from Sheppard AFB disrupted the supposedly perfect Carrier break to the left for the Cowboy colorbird. We manage to catch the last bank of the beautiful Hornet showing her top side.

Article By Dave Chng