2021 April Actions!

April Springtime in Texas has always been Bluebonnets and Rain!!! in this beautiful months we sure got some great actions here in north texas. To start we have some of our local 301st FW Texas Colors…..

Lockheed Martin have been busy with their F35 testing here at the lockheed Martin plant. Here you see Marines F-35B doing Hover and VSTOL test, USAF 422 TES Operational Training Squadron from Nellis, AFB…. ROKAF Korean AF F-35A out playing.

April 2021 calls for the Star War themed visitors….VAQ-209 Starwarriors!!!! Join the Dark Side. Here we see te color CAG bird came in for gas before heading back to NAS Whidbey Island.

Marines is probably the only operator running the legacy hornet operationally.. Here we have VMFA-115 Silver Eagles and Hawks coming thru Texas!!! Semper Fi!

US Navy’s Last Adversary squadron to be using the Legacy Hornets. Here VFA-204 River Rattlers is seen flying Ex VFC-12 jets in the distinctive Splinter Camo in KEFD Ellington Field TX.

Article by Dave Chng

Photographs by Dave Chng and Bill Havel