2021 Feb Aviation Photography

Spring is almost going to pass us and here in North Texas…. we have quite a bit of good Military aircraft traffic in our belt for February. 1st Encounter came from “Camelot” VFA-14 F/A-18E base out of NAS Leemore, CA coming thru Ft Worth alliance which include the CAG bird .

Next came VMFT-401 Snipers F-5n from MCAS Yuma. these beautifully painted F-5 Adversary came thru Ft worth Alliance for gas and also on that day we got quite a bit of T-38C and T-38A trainers.

We got some Euro pilots from Sheppard AFB came by JRB to do some pattern work and he did tear up the entire base and it was beautiful!

Due to the Severe weather we got here in Texas during Feb, we got some C-130J from Little rock dropping by the base to replenish some supplies and water.

We always have our local units and Lockheed Martin traffic …. Go Spads, Cowboys, Rangers and Ropers…. not to mention the pilots from Lockheed Martin Ft worth plant. Here the test bed for Lockheed Martin a UAE Blk 60 F-16F “rocket 11”,F-35B and A flying in formation under the “Strike 3-1 and 2 call sign which signifies US government test flight. Also ATAC Mirage F-1 CT being tested in Alliance airport. Finally VMFA-112 Cowboys flying the F.A-18C coming in for a carrier break and landing in AFW.

Article by Dave Chng