2021 Jan Aviation Spotting Summary

We are about 1 year in the Covid 19 era of fiscal year 2021 where we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with 3 vaccines approve to be given to the general public. Hopfully we can endure through this hard times and survive this pandemic.

For Jan , We have been again bless with many good transient traffic and local military Aircraft traffic. The begining of the year started with some actions in Ft Worth Alliance when VFA-122 Eagles callsign Expert came in for gas and go before heading to Florida .

More US Navy traffic came thru with C-2 Greyhound coming in from NAS North Island.

More F/A-18E from US Navy showed up by mid Jan when VFA-14 Tophatter callsign Camelot came thru Alliance for gas. This time we caught the color CAG bird .

We got some KC-135 traffic whereby they were supporting our 457thFS doing some flying ops and these Niagra Falls KC135 is not a common sight here in Ft worth TX.

Our final catch of the month came from the “Dark Side” VAQ-209 Starwarriors came into JRB Ft worth and we get a glimpse of those E/A-18G growlers in action.

Some of our local traffic including Spads 457FS Anniversary bird, F-35 traffic from Lockheed Martin, ATAC MIrage F-1CT and some local F5e from KAFW.

Article and Pictures from Dave Chng