302 Airlift Wing USAFR

302ND-1 302ND-2 302ND-3 302ND-4 302ND-5 302ND-6 302ND-7 302ND-8 302ND-9     302nd Airlift Wing is part of the United States Air Force Reserves. 731st Airlift Squadron is the reserves squadron within the wing. The 52nd Airlift Squadron is and active duty component of the 731st AS. The 302nd Wing is based in Colorado Springs, CO, at Peterson AFB.
The aircraft with #2 and #5’s on the side of them are MAFFS aircraft, MOBILE AIRBORNE FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEMS. MAFFS is a pressurised system inside the cargo bay of the Hercules, (3- 1,000 gallon tanks, pressurised to put red retardant out one nozzle going out one of the jump doors on the C130.)  The system puts a line of RED slurry along and in front of a fire to help the ground pounders gain control of a wild fire. There are 2 aircraft that are up and ready to be used during firefighting season, and 2 that are on backup. If one has mechanical issues the MAFFS system can be rotated out of the broken down aircraft and into the working one. The large numbers are for two purposes, Identification, and visibility during very smokey, hazy air operations during a wild land fire. These aircraft have regular cargo hauling duties during the off-season until they are called upon to fight wildland fires from the air.  All other non-MAFFS aircraft have regular cargo hauling duties, that include training for deployments etc. etc.
The current aircraft of the 302nd AW are the Lockheed C130-H3 models.

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  1. wow Jim! nice shots on those Herki Birds…. that is also a firefighting machine… thanks for educating us on that and its always good to pay a tribute to our local boys hard and work…I love shot #2! awesome lighting