31st Operational Group New markings








31st Operational Group ( 31st OG) reactivated in 1991 in Homestead AFB FL consists of 2 operational F-16CG Blk 40 squadrons. They are the 510th Fighter Squadron  ( Buzzards) and 555th Fighter Squadron. ( Triple Nickel) Currently they are base in northern Italy’s Aviano Airbase. Both squadron uses the tail code “AV” for Aviano. Each F-16 has a tail markings in the squadron colors – Green with the words “Triple Nickel” in white for the 555th FS and Purple with the words “Buzzards” in white for the 510th FS.

Here are pictures of the standard scheme of AV F-16

Yesterday, thanks to our Photographer Salvatore Roccella we caught the 31st OG new boss bird with a brand new markings. Here are the highlights.

Pictures by Salvatore Roccella and Dave Chng

Article by Dave Chng