355th FS and 93rd FS Deployment 4-26-2016


93dfs makos-emblem 355th FS is an active-duty associate unit administratively assigned to the 495th Fighter Group and operates aircraft assigned to the Air Force Reserve Command’s 301st Fighter Wing. Currently they are deployed with 93rd FS ” Makos” base in Homestead Reserve Base in Florida.

We were fortunate to have caught 8 of the deployment F-16C Blk 30 on Sunday . This all happen right after the Airshow in NAS Ft worth. The Spads and Mako F-16 took in sequence launching from Runway 18 with 3 gas bags and 2 cargo pods. There was an initial batch of F-16 from both Squadrons left on Saturday with the C5 from Dover AFB and C17.

All prayers to our men and women of the “Spads” and “Makos” going on this deployment and their  safe return.

Article and Pictures from Dave Chng