4-7-2017 Spotting Eagles, Falcons, Lightning, Sentry, Hornets, Herki birds!

4-7-2017 marks a milestone for 2017. This day of the month usually means my annual Aviation spotting ( Birthday aircraft spotting day)  and this time is like no other I was out in NAS Ft worth spotting on this beautiful Texas Spring day.

F-35A for the Israeli Air Force was out testing from Lockheed Martin. The wind was unusually mild with 4 mph from NW but the base was using her southerly runway of 18.

Our local 301st FW ” Spads”  and VMFA-112 “Cowboys” was out in full force today catching at least 8 Spads and 3 cowboys. Take note of the Spads F-16…. some of them have 2x AGM-65 Maverick missile on each side of the pylon.

Lockheed Martin got one of her USMC F-35B out testing with the full hover and short vertical take off test.

We always welcome visitors and today is no exception . E-3G Sentry from Tinker AFB made this long journey and did a touch and go. This Sentry belongs to 960th AACS








The highlight of this day come from 4x F-15C from 142nd FW Oregon ANG base in Portland OR. This include the Wing King color bird and 3 line bird. They were expected to come in to do some training with the Spads and also a flyby for the upcoming Texas motor speedway race on the weekends.  They came in 4 ship abreast and a quick carrier break followed by a beautiful landing on runway 18.

I would like to thank my good friend Clint White in providing some of the F15 picture taken on the other side of the runway since I was on the north end of the base while he was on the center thus giving us different perspective of the F-15 shots.

Article by Dave Chng

Pictures from Clint White and Dave Chng