389th FS Tbolts in RAF Lakenheath

F-15E Strike Eagle from 389th Fighter Squadron ( FS ) flew into RAF Lakenheath Airbase in the UK! they are part of the squadron that was deployed under the Operation Inherit Resolve whereby the mission is to work by, with and through regional partners to militarily defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, in order to enable whole-of-coalition governmental actions to increase regional stability. The T bolts was on their way back to Mountain Home , ID where by they catch some gas in Lackenheath Airbase. For this 8 month deployment of 389th FS, this is the 1st time we have use 4th Gen ( F-15E) and 5th generation ( F-35A) operationally as a unit to do SEAD and DEAD missions due to the sophisticated SAM and radar environment both by the Syrians and Russian deployment of highly sophisticated S300 and S400 systems. Furthermore, Russia have in the recent year deployed 4.5 and 5th generation fighters to further tip the balance of power in the region.

12x jets with the callsign and tail number was caught on the 27th May, 2020 coming into RAF Lakenheath. All of them spot with special nose art except for one of them and all bare mission markings of the 8 months deployment in the sandbox.

Trend 31 87-0204
Trend 32 87-0170
Trend 33 87-0169
Trend 34 87-0201
Trend 35 88-1707
Trend 36 87-0202

Trend 41 87-0198
Trend 42 88-1667
Trend 43 87-0173
Trend 44 88-1678
Trend 45 87-0209
Trend 46 88-1699

Here we have details of each Aircraft’s nose art and Mission markings.

Thanks to Gav Brudenell for catching these Strike Eagles. on the 28th May the 2nd wave of T-bolts came into the base but we did not stay to catch them coming in. Here are the callsign and aircraft that we miss.

Trend 51 88-1705
Trend 52 87-0210
Trend 53 89-0506
Trend 54 90-0227
Trend 55 87-0183
Trend 56 87-0208

Here are the full aircraft shots on the 1st day.

Article by Dave Chng

Photographs by Gav Brudenell