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64th Aggressor Squadron, sister squadron to the 65th Aggressor flies 24 F-16C is assign to the 57th Adversary Tactics Group. The squadron was reactivated on 3 October 2003,  flying the F-16 as an Aggressor Squadron (64 AGRS). Participates in USAF Red Flag and Canadian Forces Maple Flag exercises, provides USAF Weapons School syllabus support, priority test mission support and road shows that visit various units throughout the CONUS to ACC units for training. Currently, due to the budget constraints, her sister Squadron flying the F-15C was deactivated in 2014 and a few of the F-15C join the 64th as the only Aggressor squadron left in Nellis AFB. These remaining F-15C will run for a few months and will sadly be mothball in the desert.

This Unique squadron flies a variety of camouflage schemes that are eye catching. These schemes follows a lot of the Eastern Bloc combat aircraft and Arabs air crafts, therefore representing the “Red force” that our boys and allies will be facing.  Here are the illustrations of the different schemes being use with lithograph templates and photographs.These schemes are widely use on Eastern bloc and Arabs MIG-21, MIG23, MIG-29 and SU-27 as shown in the picture illustration below

 1) Desert Flanker Scheme


Color Illustration from Afterburner Decals by Scott Brown



















2 tone desert tan and brown of FS 30140 and FS 30279. The radome and some leading edge area uses the FS36251 grey. These aircrafts are mainly Blk 25 and Blk 32 F-16C

2) Lizard Scheme

This scheme is very similar to the Desert Flanker with an additional Green FS 34079. The rest remains the same as the tan and brown FS30140, FS30279 and the Grey radome FS36251. As we can tell from the MIG-23 this scheme is widely use on cold war era MIG-23 as shown.


Color Illustration from Afterburner Decals by Scott Brown




















3) Arctic Scheme

This scheme was use initially on the Alaska Aggressor F-16 and got a lot of liking. 64th Aggressor decided to adopt the arctic scheme into the 64th. This Camo consists of FS 36628 white, FS 36231 Grey and a Black FS 37030. A very dramatic looking F-16 for sure. I have spotted an Arctic Camo F-16 with a lightening targeting pod ( Templates from Afterburner Decals)

artic f16

Color Illustration from Afterburner Decals by Scott Brown




















4) Blizzard Scheme

This is one of the most unique camouflage scheme we ever seen on the F-16.It is hard masked painted with Blue FS35109 and 3 shades of Grey FS 36628, FS 36270 and FS36251.


Color Illustration from Afterburner Decals by Scott Brown





















 5) Blue Flanker

The final scheme is the Blue Flanker similarly painted on the F-15C of the 65th Aggressors .. the Color consists of 2 tone blue of FS35450, FS 36270 and the radome remain in the FS35109 Grey. This scheme is widely use on production Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker.


Color Illustration from Afterburner Decals by Scott Brown






















Templates from Afterburner Decals

Pictures from Dave Chng,Eduardo Rivera,  Zach Falzon, Steve Valinski, Bill havel, Isaac Lebowitz

Article Written by Dave Chng

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