82nd ATRS Det. 1

HOLLOMAN-1 HOLLOMAN-2 HOLLOMAN-5 HOLLOMAN-68 HOLLOMAN-7 HOLLOMAN-1382nd ATRS(Aerial Target Squadron) is part of the 53rd Weapon Evaluation Group, 53rd Wing USAF. The 82nd ATRS is based at Tyndall AFB, Florida, and Detachment 1 is based out of Holloman AFB, New Mexico. (Information per the Tyndall AFB website.)
Aircraft with the tailcode HD  are for the Det 1 QF-4 Phantom II aircraft that fly out of Holloman AFB (Holloman Drone)
Aircraft with the tailcode TD are QF4 Phantom II aircraft that are based at Tyndall AFB Florida. (Tyndall Drone)
McDonell Douglas QF4 Phantom II aircraft are modified to fly by remote controlled on missions where other fighter pilots are shooting live missiles at the QF4 for target practice. these aircraft can also have live human pilots in the cockpit for USAF Heritage Flights, and for various  other reasons. The pictures of the Holloman Phantoms were taken at the 2010 In Their Honor Airshow at Colorado Springs. The Tyndall Phantom was also take at Colorado Springs, but it was on final approach after a fly over at the USAF Academy that honored Robin Olds of WW2 and Vietnam fame.


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  1. yeah, but they didn’t scrap them the old fashioned way, they gave their lives in the end to give new groups of fighter pilots the practice they needed to win the air war.