Air Power Expo … NAS Ft worth JRB Airhow 2014

2014 started with JRB committing to an Airshow in April.  This year the Mighty Blue Angels was schedule to perform along with the Leap Frogs.  MIG 17 from Fighter jet inc. and David Macaluso. The T28 TX tail coded also do the tandem Aerobatics. Unfortunately due to the Navy’s Budget there were no other Military Participation like tactical demo, single ship demo or Parachute drop like previous year. Military Static display was very sparse this year.  Not the usual entourage of Navy , Air Force and Marines subjects. Hopefully we will have a better selection next season.

Here are the or bat.

2x F-16C from 301st FW Spads

1x F-18A+ VMFA-112 Cowboys

1x F-5n VFC-111 Sundowners

1x KC-130 VMGR234 Rangers

1x F-18A VFC-12 Fighting Omars

1x F-35C Lockheed Martin ( 1st time to be on static display of our latest and greatest Navy Carrier borne Attack aircraft )

Due to my absence because of myself visiting Barkesdale AFB for the Defenders of Liberty 2014 airshow, I have Caulun taking over shooting this show. In addition, this Airshow report I will only cover the Military Static display . I felt this is the least coverage or emphasis by most reports or Photographer.  I leave the Blue Angels and aerobatics to others and focus on these under emphasized subjects.

Pictures Taken by Caulun Belcher 

The Highlights… F-35C Lightning II , VFC-111 Sundowners F-5n

jrb 2014 airshow F35 and others


The Hornet’s Nest

jrb 2014 hornets