Aircraft Spotting 2-1-14 KAFW

Weather was not the best on this Saturday.  I made my long journey to KAFW in hope of some actions . The drive was definitely worth it as I reach the tower area of Alliance Airport and was greeted with a VFA-204 River Rattlers F-18A from NAS New Orleans. Canopy was up and apparently the jet came in for a Gas and Go . Listening to the tower for the active runway of 34R and I decided to scoot over to the spot where I can shoot the Hornet from Taxi and take off.  after a short 5 minutes the hornet came by the taxiway and did a spectacular AB takeoff with trailing contrails on the wing tips. One the tarmac lays quite a bit of trainers ….. namely T-38C from laughlin AFB, Sheppard AFB.  Also T6II  from from Laughlin with the XL tailcode. I went back and shoot the tarmac of all the trainers before I made my way to JRB.

Here are some of the actions ….


Written and photograph by Dave Chng

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