Lancaster TX Warbird Flyin 2013

This year is no exception that LNC’s annual Warbird flyin. A great event but i wish they would do this a month later when the weather is kooler.  We got a 100 degree heat wave with pure humidity and it is almost unbearable in the tarmac.

This year we do not get any military participation like last year. Still get the war bird dashing by us. Namely the B24 from cavanaugh, the C47, T28, O2, UH-1 …. I came mainly for the MI-24D which flew at the end of the show. Also get to see another MI-24D in the hanger and a few MI-2 Hoplite.

Here are the actions we got from the show. Great job CAF and CWAM.

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Video of MI-24D Hind flying at the end of the show.

Alliance Ft Worth Airshow 2012

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Wings Over Houston 2012

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Lancaster TX ( LNC) Warbird Flyin 2012

This is the best year we got for LNC. it was a terribly hot Sept Sat in LNC.  Typical 100 degree F summer Temperature. Again what a great turn out whereby CWAM have their MI-24D , MIG-21, L29, L39 on static and CAF have the DC3, P-51D, F-4U ….What suprises me was US ARMY have a AH-64D , UH-60 on static and a UH-1D.  CAF started the show with a Parachute Drop.  MIG23UM from CWAM did an engine run , taxi, wing swept and head to the runway to do an Afterburner run. MI24D started firing up with AH64D , UH-60 and UH-1 all taking off.  The moment of the show is taken over by formation of MI-24D, AH-64, UH-60 and UH-1 all flying …. what a sight….

MI24D video CLick here

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Denton 2012 Air Festival

This is my 1st attempt for Denton Airshow and it did not disappoint at all. Myself, Linda and Sung went for this extreme hot day in July.. I still wonder why Denton would host a show this hot in the Texas Heat. But the reward was well worth it. Lots of warbirds and we went for the star show which is the USMC Harrier Demo from the famous BlackSHeep Sqdrn. and the static was quite good for such a small show. a USS Carl Vinson’s VFA-22 F_18F and a VAQ129 EF-18G, Barkesdale A-10C , TX ANG C-130 and another Line jet from Blacksheep’s AV-8B+ was on static. Besides that we got a a F-4U Corsair , P40E and a lot of Texan warbirds.

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NAS Kingsville 2012

Static Displays

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Air Display on Sat and also including Friday Spotting with Bill and Carol

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Randolph AFB , TX Airshow 2011

Our Last Airshow of the year after the Disaster cancellation of the Alliance airshow due to Weather. Met up with Bill Havel, Carol and Chris Welch. the Star of the show I would say is the Collins Foundatioin F-4D and TA-4J. The Vietnam war tribute of O1, A1H,F-4D, TA-4J and UH1 stole the show. RAF came in with the Hawk Display and Demo. F-16C  East Demo and Air Force Heritage Flight with F-16 and P51D. RA T-38C , Texan II and other trainers did a pretty good show on Formations.

Static was quite allright .. lots of heavies and not as much fighters…. only F-15C from Klammath Falls, F-15E and Gunfighters F-16C for the fast movers.

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Flying displays

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Video of F-4D and TA-4J from Collings Foundation…… Superb Videography done by Chris Welch.


RSAF ( Republic of Singapore Air Force) Open House Changi Airbase Singapore 2011

These great pictures was from our Editor in Singapore Mr. Lee Chin Beng.  Looking at the weather it was not the most ideal but under that circumstances he came out with pretty good subjects of the Singapore Air Force Latest and Greatest Aircraft namely the F-15SG, F-16 D Blk 52+,F-5F, F-5T, Super Puma, SH-60B. Ah-64D and Fokker Marinetime Patrol Aircraft.   Mainly Singapore is showing off all the new weapons like the JDAMs, LGB, AGM-84 , AIM120, AIm9x missiles and ordanance.

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NAS Ft Worth 2011 Airshow

Combining Bill, Sung and Dave’s Pictures….. what an awesome show.

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Lancaster TX ( LNC ) Warbird Flyin 2011

Lancaster TX host a yearly flyin by the Commemorative Air Force and Cold War Air Museum.  This very unorthodox airshow gives you the personnel touch that no airshow will ever gives.  We can be right by the aircraft taxi way and choppers taking off and flying right in front of you. An experience you’ll take home “speechless”

Linda , myelf and my good friend Sung attended this show . It was a hot hot late summer weather and we beat the heat and was there mid afternoon.  We were presented with the static display of CWAM. MIg-23UM, MIg21, L29, L39 , MI24D and MI2.  CAF have a C-47, P51D and T6.

We waited till late afternoon for the Mi-24D and Mi2 to fly … the heat, the wait was well worth it.

Here are some of the highlights of that day.


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Alliance Ft Worth Airshow 2010

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Sheppard AFB 2007

This show, I went with Mr. Lee C.B when he visited US during that time. Mike James and also Daniel was in the show also. This is the BEST of the BEST Sheppard ever have as an airshow. the Static was more than Phenominal….. we got Airforce V22, Dutch F-16A MLU, F-117, F_16C from MI, SAN Anotonio F-16C, F-15E, F-15C, B52, E3, F-22 from AK , 2 Hawks from the Canadian AF, Luftwaffe tornado… man! too many to name, The show was another thing. we get 2 F-15C from Langely, F22 demo, F-18F superhornet East Demo, F117 demo, A-10 west Demo, V22 Demo ( a very short demo)…… this show just blow us away. Besides halfway thru the show they open up and let us stand on the taxiway to take those take off shots….. I wish I had better equipment. Was using the 1st gen Digital rebel.

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Alliance Ft worth 2007

We came back to Dallas and on Sunday visited Ft worth Airshow…… not as impressive but still pretty good since we got S3 Viking demo ( have u ever heard of Viking demo?????) 2 ship went up and did quite a show.  We got F-16 East demo and Army cobra demo team.  Static was good with VFC-111 F5n, Tulsa F-16C Blk 42 and MIG KIller F-15C.

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NAS Oceana 2006

My Dreaded F-14 Tomcat Farewell Airshow ended with quite a bit of a disaster. Sung and Myself flew to NAS Oceana Superbase for this great Airshow but my Canon Digital rebel DSLR broke when the Tomcats was taking off for the Fleet Airpower display… the greatest disappointment since the rest of the show we were shooting with point and shoot and Cellphone…Lesson Learn of not having any backup.

2006 Oceana Show was like the rest of the Oceana show which have very Sparse Static display.. Lots of aircraft parked at the Hot ramp but they were so staggered you cannot get anything in the back… and we know thats where all the good stuff is…. rows and rows of F-14 Tomcat. Security was definitely heightened . All the hangers that we use to peek into was guarded and Sung was even stop for photographing a Static display F-18E…. ???? huh????

Well… for what its worth….. here are the highlights of the Superbase NAS Oceana.

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Alliance Ft Worth Airshow 2006

The weather for this Oct Show was PERFECT…. could not be any better than this…. low humidity and Kool…. 5 Fresno Califronia Airguard F-16 came to visit .. we got also 2 EA-6b, E2C, and F-18C West Demo, F-16C East Demo, F-15E East Demo, F-16D from Lockheed martin and T birds. what a show and what a show of force.

here are the highlights

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Sheppard AFB , Wichita Falls TX 2005

Quite perfect weather for the show. Went with Mike James and Gordon Fortner. The static line was allright since we only get a Blue Diamonds F-18C, A-10, Canon F-16C  , Luftwaffe Tornado, training A-10 and F-15D. Other than that we got a Striker , Paladin Howitzer, MLRS…. The weather was so good that the pic come out phenominal.  We got the F-16 East Demo from Shaw AFB. Overall a great show for the Fall of 2005.

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NAS Oceana 2004

Had a great visit of this Superbase in VA with my Good Buddy Lee and Geoffrey.  Going by Tomcat Blvd in Oceana and we are face with the entire F-18 Flightline of the fame ROMAN Empire ” Gladiators VFA-106. This year we got the F-14D , F-18C, F-15C, F-15E, CF-18, A-10 and the Navy Fleet Demo of Oceana. Static on the show was kind of sparse for a Superbase. We got 1 F-14D from VF-11 on display and a moth balled F-14 painted VF-154 on one side and VF-32 on the other.  Just 1 tomcat on Static?? Come on guys…! VFA-106 F-18E, F-18C from WIldcats , C2, E2C, EA-6B , SEa King was on statics. Overall the static was definitely unimpressive  … here are the highlights.

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Waddington Airshow UK ( circa 2004)

Royal Air Force Station Waddington  (IATA: WTNICAO: EGXW) is a Royal Air Force station located 4.2 miles south of Lincoln, Lincolnshire .It is presently home to the RAF’s Sentry and Raytheon Sentinel R1 ASTOR (Airborne STand-Off Radar) ground-surveillance/intelligence aircraft. The station is also home to No. 34 Expeditionary Air Wing.

I have an opportunity to visit this great Airshow in the UK when I was on a Business trip to Europe. Took a train from Kings Cross Station in London and make 2 hops gets me to Waddington. It was pretty bad traffic going to the base and decided to walk into the Airfield. a good 2 mile hike…. drat! remember this was in the infancy of Digital camera and all I had was a CAnon EOS Film base SLR and a tiny point and shoot digital camera.

The show already started and I was going through the Aircraft static display! of course we all went to Waddington this year for the Special Tigermeet and Isreali Contingent .Isreali showed off their F-15I , C-130 and a host of weapons they were using…. Python 3 and 4 , helmet mounted sights and para rescue equipment.. Best of all is film footage of airwar against the Arabs!  right beside their exhibits were Arabs contingent… wow….

down the static line we get AH-64 from the Netherlands, RAF Scout helicopter, Chinook, SeaKing and AEW Sea King from RN. German showed the F-4F ICE, and TIgermeet Tornado ECR! what was unique was 4 tornado parked in a  Cross with the tiger Tornado on the Appex. RAF have TOrnado F3 and GR1a, Jaguar, C17, E3, Hungarian MIG29,POlish ASW aircraft, French MIrage 2000D, 2000C and Super Etendard.  quite an impressive line of static aircraft.  There were also special exhibit on the Land rovers of all variants.

here are the actions both Film ( scanned) and digital.


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Ft Worth Alliance Airshow 2002

Another great year in Alliance but this year the weather was gloomy and dull…. Static was quite good given the fact the VMFA-112 Cowboys CAG bird was on the ramp. and we got a Luke F-16 with full Lantirn Gear, F-16 from Hill AFB….. B52 and A-10 from Barkesdale , P3C and best of all a Luftwaffe F-4F flying in from Holloman. He landed depoly drag chute and taxi right into the aircraft static line.  Also we got exhibit of Aircraft E-seats that was quite unique.  T birds came in to perform that year.

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Ft Worth Alliance Airshow 2001


This Airshow goes way back . Infact my 1st Ft Worth alliance that I went was back in 1993 with Lee.  I hope these Pic in 2001 will entice us to go back and show our shows back in the days.  It was not a big show in 2001.. the biggest draw was the AN-124. The Russian came in a big way and showed us the aircraft and also opening up the ramp and closing it. Amazing. Also the star was a Viking S-3C.

Remeber this is way before the digital age of photgraphy and I was shooting with a tiny point and shoot of 2 mega pixel.


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