Airwing in Fallon

NAS Fallon….. The Premier Navy training ground and home of the VFC-13 Saints and NSAWC. I was lucky to be there when CVW-17 was there doing Opsec. This is the picture that I recently merged… got like 9 pictures to stitched up the work!  Zoom in and you can see CVW-17 squadrons like the VFA-81 Sunliners, VFA-94 , VFA22 and VFA-113. However , on the ramp there is also Hornets from VFA-2 Bounty Hunters, VFA-11 Red Rippers Silver Eagles , FIst of the Fleet and Wildcats.  EF-18G from Cougers, Yellow jackets and Gantlets. Not to mention the Aggressors from VFA204 River Rattlers and the VFC-13 Fighting Omars! ( Be aware that the file is big so it takes some time to load up because of the 9 files being stiched together.)