Alliance 8.22.13

Badass buster_3

Nice day out at Alliance. Met up early with my buddy from OKC to do our best to catch some SPADS.  He’s been my insight to Tinker, Fort Smith and even Tulsa here lately.  Day started off very well. SPADS departed on regularly schedule 11:10 t.o. time and returned a little after noon time. Got word from one of the pilots that afternoon flights would be at 15:05 returning at 16:25. I made the request to have a few of them keep it low and hot over Westport Pkwy… I got what I asked for from “Buster” flying the 402 bird. The skies were friendly also with many waves and other sorts of signs. Soon after the 13:05 departure of the 8 SPADS, a VFC-111 Sundowner departed 16L and the conditions were nice to really make that brown plane look spectacular. After the Spads return around 16:25, I briefly met up with one of the 457th pilots “Jackho Conn”. All I can say is what a nice guy…even if he did flip me the bird on landing I still ended up with all the patches off of his flight suit! I’m looking forward to lunch with these guys tomorrow. Enjoy.


513 bird 8.22 Spads 513 AFW 5.22.13 (2)

Spads 402 AFW 5.22.13 f5_1

f5 buster_4

buster_2 buster_1

buster 513 bird 8.22_1

Alliance Tower f16 shot

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  1. Yeah nice shots bud!!! Especially the one where hes shooting you the bird. What did you do to piss him off, lol???

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