Well another HOT HOT HOT Texas day! Gotta love Texas. Lol. Not much happened today. There were 8 T38s total that came in but they all took off at different times and individually. I didnt catch any of them. The Spads flew a couple missions, think they flew the same jets cause all the pics i got are of the same numbers, lol. Was a decent day. Caught prop plane trainer and had a suprise visitor about 5 PM, an E3 AWACs!!!!!!!  He did 3 touch and goes then headed back to Oklahoma. Was cool to see that big beast fly around. Also met a couple MPs, nice guys, me and steve talked to one for about 15 mins about different bases and aircraft. He was a cool guy. Right about 5:30 there was supposed to be something come in and do a couple touch and goes, me and steve were on the south end on the shoulder of the road when here comes the Ft Worth police. He hit the lights and and pulled up next to us and asked is we were just taking pics. He backed up and pulled up on the shoulder behind us and we talked for about 20 mins. Super nice guy. He told us that he fully understands that we are just aviation nuts(he is to) and even said that he had a “secret” spot around alliance where he watches. I tried but i couldnt get him to reveal his secret spot. Lol. Here some catches for the day, enjoy!!!!!!!!!


DPP_645_qhdr DPP_662_qhdr DPP_661_qhdr DPP_660_qhdr DPP_659_qhdr DPP_658_qhdr DPP_647_qhdr DPP_650_qhdr DPP_654_qhdr DPP_655_qhdr DPP_656_qhdr_qhdr DPP_644_qhdr

5 thoughts on “ALLIANCE 8/12”

  1. Thanks bud!!! Yeah im glad we stayed around and caught him. He will be back, they like the pattern from what ive heard. 1 beer? 1 after another, Lol.

  2. Whats up Bryan and Dave. First time on here but I like it already…. Sweet pics Bryan. As soon as I figure out how to post them on here I will contribute a few. It was indeed hot.

  3. very kool Steve !I am glad you got to come and visit! I would love to see some of your pix….. email me if you’re interested…..!

    Man! looks like U guys have a great day …. especially F16 and E3 AWACS! great combinations