Well it wasnt as hot, but still hot. Lol  I got out there kinda late, about 11:30 when i showed up. Nothing spectacular(no harriers or anything) were up on the ramp so i headed over to the NW side and waited for the Spads to come back in. A couple came in right as a C130 popped up on the horizon, i though what a great shot of him coming right over the top of me, unfortunately i set my camera just a bit(way) to bright and all the pics cam e out as if i were shooting the sun. And on top of that i forgot to set it back and screwed up the shots of the other Spads that came in. DOH!!!!! Not off to a good start. Steve showed up about 1:30 with his new Sigma 70-200 2.8 IS lens which looks sweet. Now im addicted to craigslist looking for lens, lol. We headed back over to the south side to catch the Spads taking off, got a couple great shots of them. We caught them coming back in on the NW side for some good shots along with a couple T38s doing touch and goes, the back pilot had the canopy pulled over him doing IFR(i think thats what its called) approaches and landing. And the best of all i caught a B1RD, he was stealthy but i caught a good pic of him.



4 thoughts on “ALLIANCE 8/19”

  1. looks like they are using 16 for Mon…. how high is the Spads when you’re at the south end on take off??
    lThe landing shots on those Spads are good !like U said the last time they must be on top of you on the north end.

  2. Not bad for catching all thoser SPads traffic…. I have ben “spad”less for the past few weekends….

    I can understand those mistakes we make when a prop aircraft showed up after a Jet…. forgetting to setback all the changes…. I guess a dedicated camera for each subjects would eliminate that….. or start programing the Custom setting ….DAveC