It was HOT HOT HOT, damn texas heat. Got some great shots of the Spads super close. Caught the first 4 about 11 from the tower. Moved down to the end of Heritage Pkwy and Westport, park in the little strip mall and walk across to the open field. When they take off your literally right there on them, i guess most were about 100-150 ft away. Or theres an open spot on the other side of westport right at the end of the runway where you can pull your car down onto and catch some great pics. For landing head over to FM156 and go down about a mile, you can guage where the end of the runway is. They have a big white block that has the approach lights on it, theres several oil field driveways right in through there to sit at. The Spads are coming in on the far west runway, when they come over, they are CLOSE, i was shooting my 100-400mm on the 100mm side and still having a hard time keeping them in frame. I had to switch over to my 28-135mm lens. Theyre flying 2 sorties a day.  Caught a Rio Lobos jet doing touch and goes and an F5 that came in with the Spads on theyre afternoon run. He made a low pass hauling some ass in afterburner, was pretty cool!!  Just a little FYI, security is tight around there, dont be surprised if your approached. STAY AWAY from the southwest warehouse and tradewind drive.  I wouldnt bother with a ladder either, security sees you up on a ladder, your asking to get stopped, you dont really need one anyways. They have several JRB trucks running around during the day running security. Heres my catches for the day.

7 thoughts on “ALLIANCE 8/5”

  1. Bryan! the shot you got on the Sundowners VFC-111 give me tears in my eyes ! I love those Sundowners… and thats tack sharp and beautiful… great job on your spotting in Alliance…… GO SPADS!! Love to see more of your great work..

    1. Looks like you had a good day spotting and great catch on the Sundowner jet. I certainly echo Dave’s comments. Hope to see many more of your images.

  2. Thanks guys. He came in with the Spads, made a low pass and i wouldnt be surprised if he was doing 140 knots with the afterburner kicked in. The bad things is i switched from my 100-400mm to my 28-135mm lens so i couldnt get right out there on him. He landed on the far away runway, not the ones the Spads were landing on. Steve said he is with an aggressor squad, so when they go out dog fighting he plays the bad guy. Lol So i guess he was still in that frame of mind.

  3. Dot tempt me to buy another one Dave!! Lol I actually had both of mine with me, the T4i was in my backpack. Never thought to put one on each body. DOH!!!

  4. great! your T4i would work great bud!!…. U need a cotton carrier where you can hook up 2 DSLR body while you walk around. I had one for my Photocall in El Centro ! works great when I ahd to carry 2 DSLR , one video camera and a GoPro head cam.