Alliance Airshow 2015

Alliance airshow also means the cooler weather here in Dallas Ft Worth area. The slight north winds get us having runway 34 as active which I think is favorable for photography since we can catch those aircraft touching down.  This year we got the Blue Angels, ACC F-22A Tactical Demonstration, Breitling Demo team as the main attraction. Unfortunately, we did not get much military participation. Only static display from the US Military was a lone B-52H from Barkesdale AFB, CV-22 Osprey from USAF and a single Canadian Airforce Hawk trainer.

Friday …. incoming traffic for the Alliance airshow. We mainly caught the Canadian hawk flying in. He did a few low level pass before landing on runway 34L. Am privileged to have sent time spotting with Bill Havel, Andy Nguyen, Justin Mills. I was mostly shooting from the outside of the airport and I am glad my good friend Liu Chia Ming attended the show on Sat and caught some great shots from the show.


Air Combat command F-22A demo

F-22A Taken from the show

USAF and F-22 Heritage Flight

Breitling Demo Team

The Blue Angels….


F-5B belonging to Ross Perot bought from the Norwegian AF

Article by Dave Chng

Pictures from Dave Chng and Liu Chia Ming