Alliance Ft Worth Airshow 2018

T-bird full vapor

2018 marked a very wet Fall and we have many rainy days in the October month.  Fortunately we have one good day for the airshow and on this Sunday we have variable clouds and eventually open up to be a very nice day for airshow. Alliance was fortunate to get 2 jet demonstration team including the USAF Thunderbirds and Royal Canadian Air-force Snowbirds.

We manage to catch both teams arrival whereby they gave quite an entrance coming to the Great State of Texas. Here are some of the coverage for the arrival events.

Practice day for the airshow was met with torrential rain but that did not stop the USAF Thunderbirds from performance and we were given some surprise arrivals especially the A-10C from Whiteman AFB doing an aerial refueling demonstration with a KC-135 tanker. We also caught several static aircraft arrivals into the airport.

USAF Thunderbird dances with the vapors!

A-10C doing their aerial refueling demonstration

Static Aircraft arrivals on Friday ( practice day) as we get closer to last light visibility was down to IFR conditions and we caught 2x VFC-13 F-5n from NAS fallon, VFA-122 F/A-18 and a P-8 coming in that rain.

Airshow Day

Saturday was cancel due to adverse weather and Sunday came out to be a better day. Morning was still being hammered by rain but as the day goes, the weather got much better. Snowbirds had to cut their actual performance and went with formation flying. We did get USAF F-35 and P-51 Heritage flight and the grand finale came from non other USAF Thunderbirds.

Aerial Display

Static Display was really good in Alliance this year. We get a lot of military participation. We have Heavies like B-52H, KC-135, C-130, P-8A, KC-10 and C-130J.  Fighters we got F/A-18F from VFA-122, E/A-18G from VAQ-129, T-38A from Tyndall AFB, A-10C from Whiteman AFB, T-38C , F-5N Aggressors from VFC-13, F-16 and F-35 from Luke AFB. Best of all for 2018, we have on static display from ATAC which will setup their center here in Ft worth Alliance airport to support up to 45 Mirage F-1 to be use as Aggressors for the Air force and Navy.

I would like to applaud to the organizer of Ft worth Alliance show for putting up such great show for 2018 even in this weather conditions. They make this show happen every year and I am looking forward for the 2019 airshow year.

Article by Dave Chng

Photographs by Dave Chng and Bill Havel