Alliance Ft worth , Hornets and Texans!! 5-31-15

DFW area have been hammered by rain and storm in spring… After 5 weeks of rain we finally got a window of sunny day. This faithful Sunday was no exception with 85 degreeF temperature and a good north wind at 8 mph.

As I approach the tower, I could see a row of T-6A and the grey camo F-18A from VFA-204 under the morning sun. Radio chatter was going on but nothing too fancy . ( Civilian twin and Cessna coming in for touch and go)

f18-t6 pano1

After a closer look I spot 6 T-6A from 3 units and pilots are coming out on the tarmac getting the aircraft ready. We got 2x Navy T-6A from TAW-6 from NAS Pensacola , FL. 2x T-6A from 85th Flying Training Squadron ” Tigers” and 2x T-6A from 80th FTW from Sheppard AFB, TX.

the Sheppard T6A did a tandem take off while the rest of the T6A did single ship take off from runway 36.

The gem of this Sunday morning comes from the NAS New Orleans Based Aggressor squadron VFA-204. River 412 was on the tarmac and I did a good Static shots of this beautiful grey camouflage F-18. The Unique part is that some of these jets were ex-VFA-201 Hunters jets that use to fly from our local base NAS Ft worth.

Radio chatter coming from the tower telling us another F-18 inbound for landing on 34R …… I made my way to the taxi spot of KAFW to catch this jet coming in. He was quick and in minutes of my arrival he did a carrier break right on top of us and turn base and landed. I caught the River 405 doing this “normal” landing into some spectacular aviation shots. After he landed, I can only say ” wow” and thank you VFA-204 for your service to this country.

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