ATAC Mirage F-1B maiden flight

Airborne Tactical Advantage Company (ATAC), is a government contractor based in Newport News, VA. ATAC operates Mk-58 Hawker Hunter, Israeli F-21 Kfir, A-4 Skyhawk, and L-39 Albatross II fighters in tactical flight training roles for U.S. Navy, Air Force and Air National Guard. Recently, they aquire 63 Mirage F-1 of different variants from the French Air Force and will be using these to tender for the upcoming United States Air Force( USAF) aerial advesary contracts.

These Mirage F-1 is currently taking work and refurbishment to flying status in ATAC’s Ft Worth facility in Alliance Airport ( KAFW) . 22nd August 2019 mark the maiden flight for these Mirage F1. The 1st being a B model 2 seater as seen below.

ATAC Mirage F-1B maiden flight 22 Aug 2019

Here are some of the videos of the Mirage F-1B on the ground.

ATAC Mirage F-1B taxi in from testing in KAFW

Article by Dave Chng