Aviano Airbase Aircraft Spotting July 2016










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Aviano Airbase ( AVB) Home of the  USAFE 31st Fighter Wing known flying the Lockheed Martin F-16C and D is strategically located in Northeastern Italian Alps. The Famous Triple Nickel 555th FS and Buzzards 510th FS is among the active F16 base there.


This active base also spots a lot of transition military aircraft going out and coming into Europe. Lots of NATO military jets like Typhoon, F16, Mirages etc flew in here for gas and go. This Summer months having lots of great airshow in Europe is no exception and we would like to thank our Hard working Airwingspotter photographer Salvatore Roccella for catching these actions.

We caught some Greek Air Force fighters flying to RIAT ( Royal International Air Tattoo Airshow in RAF Fairford Airbase , UK.

These include the Greek F-16 demo team, F-4 Phantom

Photographs from Salvatore Roccella

Article from Dave Chng

Phantom ***** Greek Spooks

Greek F-16 Units in Aviano