Banzai F-35 part duece…. UAE-F-16 Blk 60, F-16IQ, Spads and Rangers!

December 19th 2016

What a day to be out in NAS Ft worth on this winter afternoon catching all these Lockheed Martin traffic. 1st off came from the UAE F-16 Blk 60. callsign Rocket 3-1 , This F_16 Blk 60 is very weathered in her paint job. However, what a show he gave with brightly lid afterburner on her take off.

Catching both Japanese Self Defense Air Force F-35A in a single day is a definite bonus of the day. Callsign Strike 3-1 and 2-1 for AX-2 and AX3.

Iraqi F-16IQ callsign Viper 1-1 did its flight testing and was scheduled to deliver to the Iraqi AF by 21st Dec 2016. She took off and came back did some touch and goes and also a Tac initial for Runway 36.

We also get some local and transient traffic from Spads, Ranger and T-38 from Sheppard AFB

Article and Pictures by

Dave Chng