Banzai F35A AX-2, F-16IQ Iraqi, and lots more


NAS Ft worth on Dec 13th 2016, weather was seasonably warm when we were on base watching some Lockheed Martin traffic.

We start the day with Japanese F-35A on testing codename AX-2. Callsign Strike 2-1. This will be one of the four Japanese F35A that will be built in Lockheed Martin Ft worth plant. The 1st jet AX-1 is delivered to the Japanese is now training in Luke AFB, AZ. Strike 2-1 came out with no spotter plane showing that AX-2 have completed most of its preliminary testing.

Rocket 2-1 and 2-2 came out as Iraqi F-16IQ and F-16D ( Lockheed Martin chaser) Usually, Lockheed Martin do their drag chute testing on their 2nd flight. This is no exception for ROcket 2-1. We were so lucky that we have runway 36 for landing and we get to film the entire drag chute test process.

The local units and some visitors from Ellington Field and Sheppard AFB came by Ft worth NAS and here are some of the actions. We caught 3x 355th FS Spads F-16 and a single Makos F-16C from Florida.

Pictures and Article by

Dave Chng

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