Barksdale AFB Defenders of Liberty 2019

Defenders of Liberty Airshow for 2019 held at Barksdale AFB , LA also the home of the 2nd Bomb Wing and Reserve 307th Bomb wing flying the mighty B-52H. This show highlights include the Lockheed Martin F-35A tactical demo team, USAF Heritage Team, Canadian Snowbirds, US Army Special Operation Command Parachute Team and B52H, KC-135 demostration. Civilian Acts include Warbirds like P63 Kingcobra, P-51D Mustang , T-33, MIG17 and Tora Tora Tora display.

Airshow Layout

Barksdale AFB airshow is known to have good static and aerial display and this year is no exceptions. For Fighters, we get to see the F-35A Lightning II, F-15E strike eagle from Seymour Johnson AFB and Nellis AFB, F-16C Blk 42 from Holloman AFB, A-10C ,E-2C Hawkeye , T-45C Goshawk. Heavies include B-2, C-5M, C-130, KC-135, KC-10, C17 and not to mention several B-52H.

The Home of the B-52

We come to Barksdale for B-52 and you will not be dissapointed. Where we park sits on the tarmac full of active B-52H.

2x B-52H launch in the beginning of the show and came back at about 2pm for a flyby, low approach and the wall of fire pyrotechnics display.

B-52H Detail static display shots and Air to Ground weapon setup

B-2 bomber ” Spirit of America ” was on static display on Sat and Sun morning we were lucky to have caught her leaving back to whiteman AFB.

Lockheed Martin F-35A Demonstration Team led by Capt. Andrew “Dojo” Olson took to the skies both Sat and Sun and show off our latest 4th generation Stealth Fighter.

F-15E Strike Eagle from 4th Fighter Wing , Seymour Johnson AFB and USAF Weapon School, Nellis AFB showed up and did a short demo on arrival on Sunday with KC-135 tanker. We also get a single F-15C from Louisiana ANG 159th Fighter Wing. F-16C Blk 42 from Holloman AFB also show up as static Display. We were lucky to have caught all of them arrivals shots on Friday.

A-10C from 122nd Fighter Wing ” Black Snakes” based out of Ft Wayne , IN show up for static Display in this show. These two A-10C have a unique Snake painted on the aft of the aircraft.

Various Aerial Display and Arrivals

Static Displays and Hotramp shots

Article by Dave Chng

Photographs from Bill Havel and Dave Chng