Beale AFB 2018

May 8th , 2018 marked the open house for Beale AFB which they demonstrate the capabilities of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing (9th RW) in actions that include flying and static demonstration of the U2 Dragon Lady , T38 , RQ-4 and the supporting units. For this open house we also get the AAC F-22A raptor demonstration and host of Static displays including the KC-10. B-52H, C27, F/A-18 and AH-64D Longbow Attack Helicopter.





9th Reconnaissance Wing

Beale AFB home of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing ( 9th RW). 9th RW been doing reconnaissance missions and gathering vital intelligence information for our military forces. They fly the U2 Dragon Lady, T-38A Talon and the RQ-4 Global Hawk. Supporting 9th RW are the 940th Air Refueling Wing (940 ARW) flying the KC-135.

9th RW Static Display and Walkaround

9th RW Aerial Display

Other Displays

Article By Dave Chng

Photographs by Tom Lee