C-130 Adventure.. Ellington Field TX

This past weekend, Ellington’s ramp resembled a small C-130 base.  There were 4 C-130Js from the 317 AG, Dyess AFB, TX, 1 C-130H from the 94 AW, Dobbins AFB, GA and 1 C-130J from the 314 AW at Little Rock AFB, AR.  Within minutes of my arrival all had engines running.  About the time I drove over to one of my favorite spots to shoot departures for RWY 17R, 5 of them began their taxi.  All were in a single file that resembled an “elephant walk”.  Unfortunately for me there were some other airframes and trucks in the way that prevented me from taking pics.  Drat!  When they got to the end of the RWY all held a few minutes waiting for civil aircraft to land.  Then, there they went …..one-by-one (with 2 or 3 giving a wing wave) departing toward the SE.   As I looked in that direction it was pretty cool seeing that portion of the sky filled with Herks.


Last, and certainly not least, I got to see my first (I believe) USCG MH-60T Jayhawk.  I consider that another good catch.