California Aerospace Museum



The Aerospace Museum of California is an aviation museum located in Sacramento  California on the grounds of the former McClellan Air Force Base. Currently the airfield house the US Navy Coast Guard flying C-130 and C27.

Here we got the link for the Museum

They have a very good variety of indoor and outdoor exhibits from early Aviation to jets. The Indoor houses lots of interesting exhibits like Ejections seats, Engines, training aids and cockpits. 2 of the notable cockpit details the museum spot is the F-111 and F-106 cockpit.

Exterior exhibit have one of the most well rounded collection of cold war aircraft’s.

Early 1st Generation Jet fighters include the T-33, F-84, F-86D

Century Series Jets that flew from the 50s to 90s include the F-101 Voodoo, F-102 Delta Dagger, F-106 Delta Dart, F-105 Thunderchief, F-100 SuperSaber.

There is also our Favorite Tank Killer A-10A in the original Charocoal lizard camouflage. Photographing A-10 in this original green camo always put us back in the cold war days of A-10 flying in Europe taking out Russian tanks Exercise.

I came to this museum to specifically photograph this F-4C Phantom II.  This aircraft spots its original owner of Michigan ANG markings. As we always say ….. Phantom Forever!



The list of aircraft display here is numerous. I am including the rest of the interesting subjects that I photographed.  We have here FB-111 Strategic bomber, F-86D DOg Saber, MIG-21, MIG17, F-14D from VF-213 Black Lions, A7D from Puerto Rico ANG colors


Photographs from Dave Chng