Cavanaugh Air Museum , Addison TX

Get to Spend with some great time with our Friends from Chengdu who is an avid Military aircraft Fan.  We were there on a weekday and had some T6 Texan Flying.  We visited all the static displays …. obviously the girls felt it was too hot to be in the sun.

All the great variety of aircraft …. I was surprise to see a Bell AH-1T Cobra still in the original operational colors. 3 tone grey green and Black….. the F-4C is as gracious as always but have a missing cap on the AIM9B…. the MIG21UM looks great in the North Vietnam CAmo color. F-105G well !i wish is in better shape…. although its always nice to see a Thud… there was a stearman and a T6 flying that day…. was out of the hangers

Here are the highlights.


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