Chengdu Spotting Guide

This Guide provide us with insight to this Factory in Chengdu, China.
Chengdu Aircraft Corporation ( 中航工业成飞、成飞 ) located in the western Suburbs of ( 成都市西郊黄田坝 ) metropolis Chengdu was form in 1958 under the original name of factory 132. The Factory owns a single 8356 ft. runway ( 02-20 runway) under WenJiang Airport (成都温江机场)

Spotting in this Airport is quite straight forward since it only have a single runway and most aircraft during our visit was parked on the south end of the runway which I would say is the main staging area for the testing aircrafts. During our few days of visit they typically take 02 as their active taking off and landing and you can visually see cars on the runway area collecting drag chutes and also air canons to scare flying birds in the airport vicinity. For take off and landing runway shots a 600mm is recommended but 400mm will do the job. Landing aircraft that flies by you on final is quite close so even a 200mm will be enough. Hot ramp shots I would highly recommend a minimum of 500mm.

Runway 02 shots ( Launching, Landing and Break shots)

Hotramp shots

Article by Dave Chng