Defenders of Liberty 2014, Barksdale AFB

Barkesdale AFB also home of the 8th Air Force houses both active squadron of the B-52H but also a reserve squadron under the global strike command. 2d Bomb Wing conducts the primary mission of Barksdale AFB with three squadrons of B-52H Stratofortress bombers – the 11th Bomb Squadron, which is the training squadron, the 20th Bomb Squadron and the 96th Bomb Squadron. Together they ensure the 2d Bomb Wing provides flexible, responsive, global combat capability, autonomously or in concert with other forces, and trains all active-duty and reserve B-52 crews.

A tribute to the Big BUFF in Louisiana

B52 barkesdale 2014

This airshow we got the following participants for the flying display

F-16C Viper West Demo , Hill AFB

F-22A Raptor Demo , Tyndall AFB

B-52H 2d Bomber Wing , Barkesdale AFB

USAF Thunderbirds

USAF Heritage Flight

Civilian Performers:

F4U-4 Korean War Hero
Fighter Jets Inc
Kevin Coleman Aerosports
Mike Goulian Aerosports
Smoke -N- Thunder Jet Shows
T-33 Ace Maker Airshows
Younkin Airshows

The following Aircraft participate in the Static display

F-16C , Hill AFB

B-52H x5 , Barkesdale AFB

B-2A, Whiteman AFB







T-38 x2 whiteman AFB

T-38C, Sheppard AFB

T-6II , Sheppard AFB

Static BD 2014

The show has a good amount of B-52H on the show static display. I counted at least 5 of them on display having mixed LA and BD tail coded B-52H. However we could see a row of B-52H on the parking lot, counting down I have at least 8 on the tarmac and 2 of them inside the hangers with half the tail out … one of them having a unique OT tail code. ON the north side we got another lot of B-52H parked neatly .  The B2 sit on the north end of the show followed by 2 of the Whiteman T-38. The lack of Fighters and Fighter bombers and totally “Zero” participation from the Navy, Marines or the Coast guards. That have to be from the low budget Navy is getting for fiscal year 2014.

The show started with 2 B-52H launches … show was exciting with Randy Ball on his MIG17 popping those burner of the MIGs.The F-16, F-22 and P51 made the take off and the F-16C did a short demo and a few photo passes.  This was followed by the Raptor F-22 demo. Finally the USAF Heritage Flight with 3 ship F22, F16 and P51D. The show ended the 2 B52H coming in for a few passes and landed.

Overall a very good show of force by the heavies and what we expected from a strategic bomber base. Kind of miss seeing a B1B or “Bones” comes in or on static.

Pictures taken by Dave Chng and Bill Havel


Aerial Display Pictures

F-22 , F-16C Viper West and USAF Heritage Flight

F22-f16 bd 2014

T birds and other displays

Flying demo Barkesdale 2014


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