DFW Surprise visitor today 9.19.13


A380 dfw_1

Thanks to a DFW Spotters member who works out @ DFW Airport and Phil Plank, I got word that the Lufthansa A380 from Frankfurt had diverted from Houston due to weather. I quickly headed that way as DFW never sees A380’s. I snaked around a few street and was able to get up and close. Phil and Mike met me out there and we had a very nice conversation with the senior Photographer for the FW Star Telegram Paul Moseley. I was even able to assist him by letting him jump up in the bed of my truck to get some better shots. A couple other planes of interest were on display as well. I really enjoyed seeing this beast takeoff and in fact, they even closed the runway after his departure to make sure he didn’t crack the surface on takeoff! Enjoy the pics!

A380 dfw_2

A380 dfw

A380_737 DFW

Alaska hawaii bird dfw_1

Alaska hawaii bird dfw

American N721AN 777 DFW


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  1. Man that monster dwarfs that 737
    Those are some nice shots
    that thing is huge we wont see anything that big around here

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