Drill weekend 2-1-14 Spads and Cowboys

Having a Local active squadron can be a great blessing for us Spotters. But we have come to be complacent about photographing our local squadrons. Lots of Photographers wants the visitor traffic and for me I will photograph ya’ll as long as you come out to play.  I am dedicating this post and giving credit to our local boys …. putting their time and life defending our Texas Skies.  . I am already missing the presence of our Navy Squadron Hunters when they were deactivated a few years ago. Can you imagine the good old days when we got the VFA-201 Hunters, Spads, Superheats and Cowboys.

Caught the Spads doing 2 sorties on Saturday. Even though only 6 jets came out…. I have not caught some of these jets after taking closer look .  Aircraft 85-481, 301 OG and 457th FS all have the newer IFF ( Bird Slicer ) in the front. However they still retain the early small mouth GE engine Configuration.  Probably one of those newer jets they got from New Jersey Air guard.  The day will come when our Spads get those brand spanking new F-16C Blk 50 . All of the drill aircraft came in  clean Air to Air configuration spotting AIm-9x , AIM120 and no gas bags or pods. They did an afternoon take off and was back in 30 minutes.  unfortunately no  low and high key options when they return to the base.

VMFA-112 cowboys being deployed in MCAS Iwakuni is finally back in KNFW after an almost 6 months deployment. Its good to see them flying in the Texas sky again. I spot 2 of them coming in for landing at about 1800hrs. shooting at 3200 ISO is a bit of a challenge and the post processing to make it usable is another thing. Hope to shoot more of the “Cowboys”.

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  1. As usual from you Dave, great pics and video. I particularly like the one of Viper 546 with the gear retraction starting and tail strobe flashing.

  2. Thanks Bill! yeah! too bad he is kind of far when I shot that! thanks to the speed of 7d … I would have miss that with the 60D….. awesome buffer… me like

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