Dyess AFB 2015 Open House


Big Country Airfest 2015 was held in Dyess AFB Abilene Texas. Home of the 7th Bomb Wing flying the B-1B Lancer and 317th Airlift Group C-130J. Both belongs to the Air combat command.

This airshow was very unique with a B-1B with US Army AH-64D, UH-60L tactical demo and C-130J para drop demo. This is followed by the Marines AV-8b Harrier single ship demo, US Army Parachute team and the USAF Thunderbirds. Civilian warbirds include Mig17, Thunderbird B-17 and Vietnam war aircraft demonstration. Besides the flying display this show promise very good static display. Here are a list of the aircraft that was present on static display.

Units and Aircraft Types

61st FS “Top Dogs” F-35A x2, Luke AFB

95th FS “Mr. Bones” F-22A x1, Tyndall AFB

VAQ-138 “Yellowjackets” EF-18G x2, NAS Whibley Island

VMA-211 “wake Island Avengers” AV-8B x2 AV-8B+ x1, MCAS Cherry Point

155th ARW KC-135R Nebraska ANG x1, Lincoln ANG Base

389th FS “Thunderbolts” F-15E x1, Mountain Home AFB

355th FW A-10C x2, Davis Monthan AFB

VT-23 professionals T-2Cx1, NAS Kingsville

97th AMW C-17A x1, Altus AFB

55th Operation Group RC-135 x1

2nd OG B52H, Barkesdale AFB

12th Flying Training Wing , RA T38C, Randolph AFB

7th Bomb Wing B-1B, Dyess AFB

28th Bomb Wing B-1B, Ellsworth AFB

317th Airlift Group C-130J, Dyess AFB

227th AVN , 1st Calvary Division UH-60L x2, Ft Hood

227th AVN , 1st Calvary AH-64D x3, Ft Hood

227th AVN , 1st Calvary CH-47D x1, Ft Hood

We arrive on base and there was a line form up at the gate . Gate open right on the dot at 0900hrs and on the way in we spot a single ship B-1B DY tail code taking off . We also spot a WA tail code B-1B on the tarmac not on display. Security check was thorough and I did not get to bring in my backpack which makes things so much harder. The highlights of the air display was the 2 ship B-1B taking off followed by 3 ship C-130J. The C130J did a tactical cargo drop which was spectacular. The B1, AH64 and UH60L from Ft hood did a tactical demo simulating taking over of enemy held territory with Combine arms from USAF and US ARMY. Unfortunately for Dyess AFB’s runway locatioin, the lightning turns bad after 1300hrs and that is when the Harrier demo and Tactical demo starts which makes a lot of very challenging photography. Adding to that, the runway was way further than most airfields I have been. Making good photography even harder with the heat haze. Overall, the show was organized very well and we had a great time attending this event. Hoping to visit this great base again.

Air display actions

dyess 2015 air disply

Photo IMG_6278

Photo B-1b 3 ship formation coming in to land

Photo _MG_9110

Photo _MG_9002

Photo _MG_8888-1

Photo _MG_8860

Photo _MG_8841

Photo 7th Bomb Wing B-1B using Sniper XR pod targetting targets

Photo _MG_8741

Photo _MG_8709

Photo _MG_8588

Photo _MG_8551

Photo USMC Harrier Demo

Photo _MG_8518

Photo _MG_8515

Photo _MG_8282

Photo _MG_8260

Photo _MG_8216

Photo _MG_8063

Photo _MG_7945

Photo _MG_7927

Photo _MG_7860

Photo _MG_7829

Photo _MG_7764

Photo _MG_7728

Photo _MG_7688

Photo _MG_7684

B-1B and Local Squadron of Dyess AFB

Dyess 2015 B-1 and locals static

Photo Weapon School B-1B in base, not part of the airshow static display

Photo IMG_6171

Photo GBU-58 bombs

Photo GBU-31 JDAM GP bomb and Penetrator

Photo Dyess AFB B-1B

Photo Ellsworth AFB visiting B-1B

Photo b1-dy-c130j-2

Photo b1b-DY-pano

Photo 7th Bomb Wing B-1B from Dyess AFB and C-130J

Photo B-1B flightline

Static DIsplay

Dyess 2015 static

Photo Our 5th Generation F-22A from Tyndall AFB and F-35A from 61st FS Top Dogs

Photo IMG_6302

Photo IMG_6198

Photo IMG_6335

Photo IMG_6314

Photo rc135-1

Photo VAQ-138 Growler EF-18G

Photo IMG_6397

Photo IMG_6108

Photo IMG_6124

Photo Reaper Drone being setup from Holloman AFB

Photo IMG_6132

Photo IMG_6067_1

Photo a10c-DM-aircraft 270-8

Photo IMG_6062

Photo harrier-1

Photo harrier-av8b 2 pano

Photo F-15E Thunderbolts from Mountain Home AFB

Photo IMG_6023

Photo IMG_5967

Photo IMG_6141

Photo IMG_5932

Photo uh60L-1

Photo IMG_5928

Photo _MG_9274

Photo _MG_9261

Photographers Hard @ work and the Airwingspotter Team

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