Dyess AFB 2018


Dyess AFB located in Abilene TX is the  home of 7th Bomb Wing (7 BW) and part of the Global Strike Command (GSC) The 7th BW performs combat training with 36  B-1B Lancer bomber ( also known as the BONE).








In this Texas springtime April, 2018 Dyess AFB host the Dyess BiG Country Air Fest opening her gates for 2 days showing off its military might of the B-1B and the supporting role of the C-130J performing air drop missions. This year we also get the Air Combat Command F-16C Viper demo.

Here are the list of Military aircrafts seen in this show.

Unit Serial Number Aircraft Type Special Markings
2004 512th RQS 82-23708 HH-60G
7th BW 86-140 B-1B 345th BS/CC
7th BW 86-236 B-1B
7th BW 86-135 B-1B
7th BW 86-098 B-1B
7th BW 85-073 B-1B 7 OG/CC
20TH SOS 12-0066 CV-22
VIPER DEMO 01-050 F-16C BLK 50
VAQ-134 531-168770 EA-18G
57TH WING WS 13-5067 F-35A 6 WPS
97TH AMW 10295 KC-135
317TH AG 83175 C-130J
317TH AG 85683 C-130J
317TH AG 85686 C-130J
317TH AG 73170 C-130J
317TH AG 85712 C-130J
391ST FS 91-330 F15E
391ST FS 90-248 F15E
27TH FS 09-184 F-22A
437TH AW 00172 C-17
343 BS 61-010 B-52H 343 BS





B-1B Lancer ” BONE” 7th Bomber Wing ( BW )

Dyess AFB being the home of the 7th BW is our main focus for this airshow and people coming here for B-1 will not be dissapointed. On the static line we get 2x B-1B with full payloads of JDAM to Cruise missiles.  On the flying event, 2x B-1B did close air support demonstration on how the updated B-1B do mission with ground forces on a coordinated attack and reconnaissance mission.  They also did several passes to show off the graceful and maneuverability of the BONE.

Flying Display

B-1B Static Display

317th Airlift Group

The 2nd unit that we will focus comes from the transport unit of the 317th Airlift Group flying the stretched C-130J. For the demonstrations, 317th AG showed off the C-130J on Static display and gives the audience an actual Air drop mission. One of the C-130 also perform a landing and with the trust reversal putting the C-130 going on reverse on a landing strip.

Flying Display

Static Display

Other Flying Display

Other Static Display

Article by Dave Chng

Photographs by Bill Havel and Dave Chng