Eagles , Hornets, Venoms and Cobras!!!! 2022

This Spring 2022, we get to visit JOint Reserve Base New Orleans for the Airshow and open house. 2022 is very different becasue the Local VFA-204 River Rattlers will be flying the F/A-18 Hornet for the last time and transiting to the a new VFC-204 squadron flying the F-5N TIger II . They serve the Navy as an Adversary role flying the “bad guys” simulating the enemy and giving real life training for our regular squadrons.

VFA-204 F/A-18 sundown!!!! River Rattler’s Hotramp shots and the aircraft on static spot the VFC-12 Splinter Camo simulating the Russian Adversary. The newer dark grey color simulating Russian and Chinese Sukhoi SU-30, J16 and J11b.

VFA204 gave us an incredible show of force with 4 ship demostrations in the air, they do several touch and goes, low approaches and finally carrier break for the 4 ship for landing in the base.

2nd show of force came from the local 149th FW F-15C squadron the “Bayou Militia” 2 ship F-15C showing the agility and power of the mighty “Eagle” the undefeated fighter of the USAF

The local Leatherneck USMC Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 773 (HMLA-773) “Red Dod” flying the Bell AH-1Z SuperCobra and UH-1Y Venom. these light attack chopper squadron show case their latest and greatest attack and utility chopper in actions.

US Navy VFA-125 Rough Riders out of NAS Leemore CA showed up to do the US Navy’s latest 5th generation carrier based fighter doing the Naval demostration of the F-35C lightning II.

We have not had an airshow with so much actions in years and this show in NAS New Orleans really set the benchmark of full actions … we get 3 full demo of VFA-204, 159thFW and Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 773 (HMLA-773) plus the US Navy F-35C demo and US Navy Heritage flight. a definte airshow that goes down the history .

Article by Dave Chng