EF Visits September 2014

My two most recent visits over to Ellington Field were on 9-11-2014 and 9-14-2014.  On the 11th I heard there was a T-2B Buckeyeye on the ramp so I headed over to get some pics since it has been one of my favorite classic jets for several years now.  Upon arrival I learned it was moved into a hangar.  Bummer!  So, I decided to make the best ofit by hanging out for a while to see if anything was flying or coming through.  A little while later I heard an Apache from the local guard unit fire up.  Thankfully he headed my way which was a change.  I was south of where they sit on the ramp and most times they head East on departure.  About the time he got down range, a  USN T-6B from NAS Corpus Christi gave the pattern a pretty good work out having performed at least 6-7 touch and goes before finally landing, followed by a southerly departure of a Coast Guard HH-65D Dolphin that is stationed at EF.


On the 14th I headed over as I heard from a fellow spotter there was an A-10C from the 442 FW, 303 FS whose home base is Whiteman AFB, MO……the same home  that houses the B-2A Spirit.  When I drove up to the fence I was presently surprised to also see a C-130H which was assigned to the 914 AW, Niagra Falls, NY, a E/A-18G Growler from VAQ-129 Vikings assigned to NAS Whidbey Island, WA, a F/A-18F assigned to VX-31 Dust Devils at NAS China Lake, CA, and a R/C-26B assigned to Ellinton Field.  This trip over turned out to be a really nice one as I was fortunate to catch three of the four depart.  The only one I missed was a Super F Dust Devil.  I sincerely hope this most recent trend of transient aircraft coming through continues as I need to shake off the dust on my camera as a result of the recent military aircraft dry-spell Ellington has suffered.

By Bill Havel