Ellington 11-2-2013

I received word from a fellow spotter and friend that there was a F-5E on the ramp from VFC-13, Saints.  He also mentioned that the paint pattern on this particular jet was different than the “usual” tan, green and brown ones we see.  And………..he was right.  Being the adversary / aggressor junkie that I am I hopped in the car and made the 45 minute drive over to catch it.  As usual, it was worth the drive.  When I got to one of the fenced areas I spot from I saw it down-range a little.  I shot a couple of pics (head on ones) from that location before I went to another to try and capture side shots of it.  Unfortunately, the second place I went to, it was parked behind a T-6Texan II and some fuel trucks.  I knew of one last place to try and finally got a descent angle from there……the one with the start cart next to it.  As you can probably tell, shooting at Ellington in the early AM (in this case 9am) can be somewhat brutal as you are facing due east.  After shooting from there I made my way back to the first location I went to and shot some pics of the T-6s and NASA T-38s while waiting for the F-5 to depart.  It was a little past 1030 that he taxied by and subsequently made a Northern departure on 35L.

The one and only shot in this set that shows the F-5s true colors is the one where he made the turn from the ramp to start his taxi.  The sun hit that one just right.



EF 11-2-2013


3 thoughts on “Ellington 11-2-2013”

  1. wow! the turning shot got all the nice color! Somtime U wish he would leave in the afternoon to get the good lighting… but U did well in that condition Bill… Always a nice catch on the SAints F-5n… way kool bud