Ellington Field 1-26-2014

Photos and text by Bill Havel:

After going over to Ellington two previous times and striking out I was beginning to think, just like in baseball, my third time I might go down swinging as well.  Thankfully I did just the opposite and hit something of a home-run.  This time the ramp had a nice variety of aircraft.  There were 5, F-16C block 42 Vipers from the 138 FW based out of Tulsa, OK, three T-38Cs from the 87 FTS (Red Bulls), 47 FTW, Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, TX, one F/A-18A+ from VMFA-112 Cowboys, NAS JRB Ft Worth, TX (Dave Chng & Bryan Stevens home turf), one F/A-18A+ from VFA-204 River Rattlers from NAS New Orleans, LA and two privately owned P-51Ds both of which were gorgeous.  I would have been thrilled just to shoot these jets sitting static but I was extremely fortunate in having the opportunity to catch all five Vipers launch, all three Talons and the River Rattler Hornet.  It turned out the Vipers were flying out over the Gulf to mix it up with each other to hone their dog-fighting skills.  Periodically, they come to Ellington to do that and sometimes they “fight” with the F-15Cs from the 159 FW based out of JRB New Orleans. As for the others, they departed to their next stop, wherever that might be.

Of particular note is the scoreboard markings on the port side, just below the forward canopy section on F-16C 89-0539.  It has 3 bomb drops with the inscription of OEF 13 in each.  Pretty cool to know this aircraft laid down some firepower in Afghanistan.

After a relatively long dry spell this visit did my soul some good.  I hope this is a prelude of things to come for 2014.


EF 1-26-2014



5 thoughts on “Ellington Field 1-26-2014”

  1. Lovely Set. I went donw there in November had to do some business but couldn’t resist a trip around to see what was there. went on Base and sae the OK Vipers, which was a great surprise even though they weren’t flying, a few NASA T-38s buzzing around. Wish It wasn’t so far for me!!

  2. Yes Brennan.. the TUlsa jet is there to do the Alert scramble mission! and a lot of times you can see them take off with liove AIM9 and AIM120! really kool!… also they somtimes do drill weekend when they bring in 4 or 5 jets like this one and fly missioin in the gulf with those F15 from NAS New Orleans