Ellington Field…. 4-24-2014….. Ospreys!

Ellington Field, TX Thursday, 4-24-2014:


I heard a rumor that a pair of MV-22s will be stopping by Ellington Field in the late afternoon, so I left work about 1530 and made the drive over.  At first I went to the North end of the field off Genoa Red Bluff Road to see if I could catch any inbound traffic as RWY 17R was in use.  I waited for about 45 minutes before I decided to drive over to the base.  Once there I scanned the ramp and nothing was in site.  A little after 1700 I decided I better head home as I had things to attend to before the next day’s trip up to Shreveport to spot the arrivals and practices for the Barksdale AFB show.  About the time I drove off and was heading down Hwy 3, I received a text from a friend (and fellow spotter) that the Ospreys were touching down.  I quickly made a u-turn and drove over to the ramp just in time to see the second one taxing up to and behind the first. Man, that was close…..almost missed them.  Thank God for good friends.


The unit that came in is VMMT-204 Raptors, which is the USMCs Osprey training unit assigned to MCAS New River.

Article and Pictures by

Bill Havel

v22-EF 4-2014