Ellington Field 5-22-2013


Ellington Field 5-22-2013


This was a short noticed trip that my good Friend Bill Havel invited me to Houston Ellington Field for some Spotting.  Tulsa ANG F-16C was doing a training Exercise in Ellington Field.  This Spotting session started with a 4.5 hour drive from Dallas to Houston Clear Lake Area. We were greeted with 6 F-16C Blk 42 from Tulsa right on the tarmac. They were all Clean Configuration with Aim-9x training rounds and no gas bags.


We were so lucky to have met Steve from Texas Flying Legend Museum to have access and tour of their facility.  They have got the nicest facility with an aviation themed bar counter and the warbirds in there namely a Corsair F-4U, Avenger TBM, B-25J and P51D were immaculate.  Steve also brought us up on a Lift so we could take some panoramic shots of the great war birds. Now that is Texas Hospitality.

By 1pm the Tulsa F-16C fired up and taxi by us and did their training in the Gulf of Mexico…Landed about 1 hr later with a standard mid field Peel off and Land.

We were also greeted with AH-64D doing maneuvers from Ft Hood. Coast Guard Daulphin did some mission during that time frame.


2nd Tulsa Sortie went up at about 1530hrs when 2 F-16C took off.

It was great to see these men performing the mission with such precision and best of all get to spent time with my freind Bill.. It was a long 4.5 hr drive back after the humidity, sun drenched day.

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