Ellington Field Dawn visit ( June 2016)

Ellington Field June visit 2016

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The month of June 2016 has been a rather interesting one.  Intel wise it has been pretty quiet.  On the flip side it has opened a new chapter: night photography.  Not to be deterred by the lack of intel, I’d periodically stop by early in the morning (before dawn) to see what may be on the ramp.  Whatever I found of interest I’d photograph it as seen here.  One of my favorites is the NASA hangar that houses their three WB-57s.  I’ve been drooling over the idea of capturing it at night for some time now and finally got the chance.

 The aircraft seen here are:

 T-38C Talon,  19AF (nineteenth Air Force), Randolph AFB, Texas

EF 6-15-2016 (1)

 WC-130J Hercules, 53WRS (Weather Reconnaissance Squadron) Hurricane Hunters, 403WG, Keesler AFB, Mississippi

EF 6-6-2016 (1)

 E/A-18G Growler (BuNo 166895), VAQ-209 Starwarriors, Whidbey Island, Washington

EF 6-26-2016 (1) EA-18G 166895

 NASA WB-57 hangar

EF 6-24-2016 (1)


 EF 6-26-2016 (4)

L-29 Delfin (privately owned)

 EF 6-26-2016 (3)

F-15C Eagles, 122FS, 159FW, NAS/JRB New Orleans, Lousiana

Article and Pictures from Bill Havel